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The Gel Bottle Inc

The Gel Bottle Inc has arrived and I couldn't be more excited about it!


Here's some of the main reasons why I've chosen to bring The Gel Bottle Inc into my range:

* All products sourced within the EU and produced in the UK

* No animal testing

* Hypoallergenic & Halal friendly

* Free from 1350+ banned chemicals and solvents within the UK and EU

* Over 360 colours and increasing

* Lasts for 2-3 weeks

* Easy removal with no damage to the natural nail

* Professional only product


Next up is Callus Peel, I am very excited to be offering MAVEX Calluspeeling to remove hard skin from feet.  This fabulous stuff causes had skin on feet to literally just melt away!


The cost for this will be £25 as a stand alone treatment including cuticle and nail tidy (inc nail varnish) and £35 as part of a full pedicure including exfoliation, massage and nail varnish or £40 with gel polish.


Are you trying to grown your own nails and struggling? Talk to me about IBX repair system.  I have photos showing how well nails grow with this making your own nails stronger.

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