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Opening again soon, hopefully!!

So I hope to be able to publish a date for reopening soon so please be patient a little longer.

I feel like I have been closed for longer than it has been but I have lovely new workroom, decorated all ready for re-opening.

There will be a few new PPE to deal with so please bring a mask when you visit. You also must wash your hands, including brushing under your nails (all provided by me).

I will have a mask, gloves and disposal apron on.

Please do not touch anything (including your phone or keys) until after your appointment has finished, no fiddling with masks etc otherwise you will have to wash your hands again.

You will need to fill in a new client questionnaire and GDPR form whilst you are hear and I will need to send you a COVID-19 form 24 hours before your appointment so please let me have details where I can send this to you electronically.

Going forward, you will have a nail brush, cuticle pusher and nail clippers of your own (I will keep this with your GDPR form) and I will be using disposable files.

I think that is all, if you don't have a mask, I have been busy making them so can sell you one. They are nice cotton ones with a pocket inside for a filter if you want extra protection x

Take care and see you all soon, Tina xx


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